Japan Spirulina Algae (2200 Tablets)

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Japan Spirulina Algae (2200 Tablets), a type of cyanobacteria similar to Suizenji seaweed, is an ancient plant that originated on Earth over 3 billion years ago. It thrives mainly in highly alkaline salt water lakes found in subtropical regions like Africa and Latin America. The term “Spirulina” is derived from the Latin word “helix” due to its distinctive spiral shape. With its rich array of nutrients, Spirulina serves as a convenient dietary supplement for modern individuals who often consume imbalanced meals. This “ideal nutritional food” is even being explored by NASA as a potential space food, highlighting its exceptional qualities.


Please take 40 tablets of spirulina with water or other beverage in a few times per day.

40 tablets are the suggested amount, so please adjust the amount of intake according to your meals or physical condition
on the day.

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