AGF Maxim Japan Luxury Instant Coffee

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Elevate your coffee experience with AGF Maxim Japan Luxury Instant Coffee. Through our T2ACMI roasting technology, a carefully selected coffee bean is infused with rich flavor and fragrance while minimizing bitterness and sourness. Inspired by the heat control techniques used in your favorite coffee shops, AGF has perfected the "Fire Roasting" method to bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee bean. Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with our specially blended instant coffee.

Special blend Deep Aroma has a Fine Rich Full Bodied flavor and Clear Aftertaste.  (Regular Instant Coffee contains No Sugar or Milk).


Just by putting Luxurious Coffee Shop Special Blend Instant Coffee in a cup and pouring hot water, you can easily enjoy a fresh brewed cup of Coffee anytime.

Enjoy your delightful instant coffee creation, my friend! And don't forget - the more you brew, the merrier.

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