Nutrient Facts

Hello Customers! This is Seiranow. We would like to tell you about your physical health.

There are three major nutrients that we need, for us to live. One of them is Sugar that can be found on rice, bread and noodles. Lipids can be found on fats of fish and meats. And Protein that is contained in fish, meat and soybeans. These three are fundamental nutrients that we need if we want to live a healthy and longer life. 

There are vitamins and minerals that can help metabolize and absorb these nutrients.

So What are the vitamins and minerals that we need

First of all, for the vitamins, we need vitamin B1 to break down sugar and transform it to become an energy source for the brain body. Vitamin B2 and B6 can keep your hair, skin and nails healthier. Vitamin B12 has hematopoietic effect that can give beautiful skin and prevent anemia, folic acid. Vitamin C can work inside the body to enhance our immune system and prevent foreign organisms. Vitamin A helps to protect mucous membranes that are connected with eyes, nose and throat. Vitamin E can enhance your skin cells to become more younger and beautiful. Vitamin D and K can help your bone to make it stronger.

Minerals including calcium and magnesium can help to form bone. Zinc helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. Iron and copper can carry oxygen in the blood. For potassium and sodium can regulate water and salt in the body

Seiranow sells a variety of supplements that are made in Japan. You can keep your body healthier by taking supplements that cannot be supplied by just consuming food on a daily basis.

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